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I agree. To an extent I really like his reaction because I think it's realistic. As much as we as viewers like to pretend we would know better if we were in his position the truth is most of us wouldn't. I feel that it's easier to just feel what you feel and not try to rationalize why you have no right to feel that way. I'm very curious as to how their relationship will change and if he will feel betray when she begins dating Palmer. (Part I)


Lets not forget his over-reaction to Felicity being in Central City with Barry last year. He blew up on her about being off her game, when he was really off of his emotional rocker about her spending so much time with Barry, WHO WAS ASLEEP. LOL. Talk about being irrationally in love and not even knowing it.

But, in that clip, you can see him start to get antsy, and try to catch Felicity being off her game again when he asked, “Have you figured out where in Italy Thea is staying?”, but NOPE. Felicity was ready. WATCH MAMA WERQ:

Yeah, about that, she’s not even in Italy, or Europe. I had to ping her cell phone to find out where in ‘Italy’ she was texting from. Turns out, it came back Corto Maltese. AND YOU’RE FUCKING WELCOME.


LMAO. HER FACE. Oliver can’t even be dissatisfied. Ms. Smoak is moving on and doing her job, with another job on top. CAN YOU HANDLE IT? I DOUBT IT, BOO.

Snark and fire for Snark and fire. Bless this fucking ship.  



the way he looks at Felicity!! is too much tension!!!